Safe Bingo For Everyone!

Why is there bingo for kids in the first place?

We could ask you the same thing! Why do you play bingo? Other than money, that is. Almost every bingo player plays bingo for personal gratification and entertainment in addition to the monetary incentives.

Games of bingo for kids do not involve any real or virtual money. The only difference between bingo games for adults and kids is the factor of money which makes bingo an enjoyable mode of gambling. As if the authorities would allow kindergarteners to gamble!

The best online games of bingo for kids

Since we all know how much the kids of today have become tech-savvy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that even a four-year old can know how to operate an iPhone. We have enlisted some of the best games of bingo for kids, which are educational as well as highly compelling even to adults.

You & Kwala

Where to play: Boowa Kwala

This great bingo game has been designed especially for kids aged between 2-8 years. In the light of the fact that kids love bright colored creatures, this game revolves around playing a round of dice against a Koala bear.

Safe Bingo For Everyone!

Children have to roll an animated blue colored pouch which has dices of two colors. The red color is of the child’s and the yellow color represents the Koala. Those who complete their assigned set first by getting the same colored dices ultimately win.

B1 Prediction

Where to play: Pogo

Children of all age groups absolutely love guessing and that’s what this game is all about. There are various B1 balls which are withdrawn by the game coordinator and the children have to guess which ball will be drawn next.

In this cool game of bingo for kids, colors have been used to capture the attention of the kids to keep them engaged. The game of correctly guessing will keep your kid on his or her toes.

Called Bingo Balls

Where to play: Bingo Luau

Another really engaging bingo game for kids, Called Bingo Balls is all about calling the winning balls. The numbers on the balls are called one by one and then they are displayed over the screen.

Out of all the balls called, only five show up on the Called Balls table and children have to guess which ones. Don’t worry; it’s not too hard- there are quite obvious clues popping here and there on the screen.

Multiple Bingo Patterns

Where to play: Pogo

Mixing and matching has always been a favorite game activity for kids and this game of bingo for kids is designed keeping this in mind!

There are attractive, fun patterns all over the screen and they keep changing with every game. What the child has to do is match one pattern to the displayed numbers by marking them off correctly. This game improves the mathematical skills of the kids and also encourages them to use their analytical skills, however young they might be.

Keep On Scratchin’!

Where to play: Lottso! Express

In this highly imaginative game of bingo for kids, children have to unlock the sets of scratch cards on their way to the big bonus. They get thirty balls to play with and if they unlock all the scratch cards within the stipulated time limit, they win the bonus!

This game encourages children to work to the clock since there is a time deadline. It is beneficial for them, especially to kids who have trouble following time limits in school.

Line Them Up!

Where to play: Pogo

In this game, there are gems and jewels which are required to be lined up by the children according to a given sequence order. If they line up the treasure chests in the right order, they will unlock the vaults of unlimited bonuses. Watch your kid’s delighted face as they win all the sparkling goodies!

Treacherous Obstacles

Where to play: Bingo Luau

Watch your kids as they try to contain the evil creatures lurking in the dark.

In this game, children will receive a token for progressing on their way to their destination and if they touch any dangerous looking obstacles down the path, their tokens will be ransacked or rather returned to the vaults. The way children try hard to stick to their path without touching anyone can be highly amusing.

All these fun, yet knowledge-inducing games must be played by children as a part of their regular lifestyles. Remember, not only textbooks have the power to develop the mind of a child and they always need something extra to keep them interested. When you can approve which games related to bingo for kids are worth playing, you can join your child in making learning fun. If you can enjoy a good game of bingo, why shouldn’t your kids.