Las Vegas Deals — Cheap Foods and Free Buffets

Las Vegas has may great deals available including free buffets. If you want to go ultra cheap to Las Vegas here are some great Las Vegas deals that will keep not only you belly full but also your wallet full.

99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail is a famous Las Vegas snack. The original 99 Cent Shrimp Cocktail is now $1.99 at the Golden Gate Casino. Although the menu price is $1.99 you can easily get it for .99 cents with one of the many Las Vegas coupon books available. If all else fails ask your pit boss for discount on the shrimp cocktail. Odds are the Vegas pitboss will comp you a free Shrimp Cocktail.

I can eat the shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate all day long. Shrimp cocktail is a cheap breakfast. Las Vegas is not only an oasis of cheap shrimp cocktail but it is available around the clock.

Boulder Station

Monday thru Friday you can have a big breakfast buffet for only $5.99. The menu price is $7.49 but if you pick up your free players club card it is discounted down to $5.99. Breakfast is an important meal and if you are looking to eat cheaply in Las Vegas you can stuff your belly full on there breakfast buffet and play 32 red. If you eat enough you will only need one .99 cent cocktail shrimp at lunchtime to tide you over until dinner.

Las Vegas Deals — Cheap Foods and Free Buffets

If you really want to eat cheap you can take a big purse and load up with some stuff from the breakfast buffet to eat for lunch. Hiding food in your purse from a Vegas Buffet to eat later is like counting cards at black jack. It is not illegal per SE, just highly frowned upon.

Other Boulder Special deals is their Friday night seafood buffet on Friday night. You can get into that Vegas buffet for only $16.99 with your free Boulder Station players club card.

What is A Las Vegas Deal

A Las Vegas deal can mean different things for different people. One person may consider a buy one get one free coupon for Shrimp Cocktail a good Las Vegas deal. Another person may like high end seafood and consider the $16.99 Friday night seafood buffet a great deal. Even a cheap skate can understand the value of the Sams Town seafood buffet. You have everything from fresh crawdad, lobster, crab, oysters on the half shell, and shrimp cooked every way you can imagine. It is very easy for even a light eater to get their moneys worth at the Friday night seafood buffet. Of course if you are going to go out drinking heavily until you vomit then maybe you should stick to the cheap shrimp cocktail. I’d sure hate to see all of that fresh crawdad meat flying over the edge of your balcony down onto the babes tanning poolside. OK, maybe I would like to see that but most visitors to Las Vegas do not want to see that.

A great deal for me would be $20.00 a night stay at the Plaza Hotel downtown. Other people consider a cheap motel with free adult movies to be a Las Vegas Bargain. If you are wealthier you may believe that your free limo ride to the Bellagio is what constitutes a great Las Vegas deal.

When considering a Las Vegas buffet you need to account for what is important to you. Do you want extremely cheap regardless of the quality of the food or would you be willing to spend a dollar or two more to get higher quality food? Do you want fresh seafood in you buffet or are you happy with deep fried frozen shrimp re heated up.

Anytime you walk into a new casino in Las Vegas head directly too their players club booth and get your free players club card. It only takes a minute or two and it is free. Even if you DO NOT want to gamble still get the players club card. Most casinos will offer you a discount on their buffet when you present your players club card. Even if you have never gambled with it. Sometimes the discount is only a dollar or two and sometimes the food buffet discount is drastically reduced.

If you want to eat very cheap in Las Vegas you can. If you hit one cheap lunch buffet up per day( lunch buffets are generally cheaper than dinner buffets) and gorge yourself then you will be filled up for most of the day. If you get hungry you can use your 2 for 1 shrimp cocktail for a quick snack.

There are countless variations on how to eat cheap in Las Vegas. With a little work and some coupon collecting you could EASILY eat three meals a day in Las Vegas for $10.00.

Free Las Vegas Buffets

If you are gambling and playing a table game such as Black Jack then make sure you ask for the pit boss for a free meal. The pit bosses are use to be asked for extravagant comps such a the guys who play $3.00 black jack for 10 minutes and then request a suite to be comped to them or they “will take their business elsewhere!”. Pit bosses hate jackasses like these players. If you are playing $5.00 blackjack for an hour or two do not be afraid to ask for a free meal comp in the casinos cafe or buffet area. More than likely they will happily comp you a free meal. You do not have to be losing in order to get a free meal comped.

If you are losing then the pit bosses will usually comp you a meal. If you are winning big they will almost certainly give you a free meal. They want you to stick around so they can hopefully win there money back.

Be nice to the Pit Bosses, the dealers, and the cocktail waitresses. If you are playing consistently and are polite to the casino staff then the pit bosses will usually give you a free meal on the casino if you ask politely. When asking a pit boss for a free meal all you have to do is say “Excuse me sir, may I please have a free buffet comp.” That is all you need to ask. Most players explain to the pit boss which table they are playing at, how much money they have lost, and how long they have been playing at the table. You DO NOT need to tell the pit bosses this information. They are the pit bosses. The pit bosses already know the information on you.

Another side note. It is usually easier to get a meal comped at a smaller casino. Some of the huge corporate casinos may only comp you a meal if you meet certain criteria. Average bet at table times the amount of time you are playing. After you have played enough they will then give you a free meal. Ask some of the locals which casinos have easy meals to get comped.

If you play blackjack for 2 hours and your overall winnings are a measly $5.00 don’t get mad. You are $5.00 ahead PLUS you will get a free meal. That is the ultimate Las Vegas deal.